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WGV Clear Slant Cut Bowl Glass Vase, Glass Terrarium, Candy Dish, Floral Glasswa

WGV Clear Slant Cut Bowl Glass Vase, Glass Terrarium, Candy Dish, Floral Glasswa

Excluding Sales Tax |
  • Dimensions: Open: 7", Back Height: 6",Front Height: 2.7", Base 4"
  • Each order contains 1 WGV Glass vase and 1 WGV Glass Cleaning Cloth
  • Perfect for Candy Display, Floral Arrangement, Catch All Jar Etc.
  • Nice thick Hand Blown Glass

Product Description

VHC07 series

Welcome to WGV store!

(WGVI: Wholesale Glass Vases International)

Our goal is to deliver the greatest variety of pieces to offer our customers with both "High End" and "Regular" quality glass and ceramic containers

  • International team
  • LA warehouse located
  • LA, Dallas & Atlantic Showroom
  • Import from China
  • Customer first

What we have?

Slant Cut Bowl Vase

  • Standard [VHC0706] 7"W x 6"H, 6.5"Open | case pack 8
  • Standard [VHC0708] 9"W x 8.25"H, 8.9"Open | case pack 4
  • Standard [VHC0710] 11"W x 9.5"H, 10.2"Open | case pack 2
  • Orbit [VBW6106] 5.5"D, 3.35"Open | case pack 12
  • Orbit [VBW6108] 7.5"D, 4.75"Open | case pack 6
  • Orbit [VBW6110] 9"D | 6"Open | case pack 4
  • Pedestal [VHC0607] 6.5"W x 7"H, 5.7"Open | case pack 8
  • Pedestal [VHC0610] 8.25"W x 8.7"H, 7"Open | case pack 4
  • 100 % handmade glassware
  • smooth body curve
  • home office decoration
  • event centerpiece display
  • floral design

WGV Quality Glass - Slant Cut Bowl

Top Thick Rim

Glass thickness is about 0.2" (5 mm), varies slightly due to handmade process.

Our top rim is cut to perfection, instead of having the cheap looking machine-made glass vase with the sealed rim on top.

WGV Quality Glass - Slant Cut Bowl

  • Thickened bottom, versatile and sturdy
  • 100% hand-blown quality thick glass, may contain air bubbles as well as exhibit slight variations and imperfections due to the handcrafting process.
  • The clear slant cut bowl vases features good glass wall thickness to ensure durability.

WGV Quality Glass - Slant Cut Bowl

Widest variety of sizes

Our glass slant cut bowl vase collection contains a huge variety of widths and heights of glass vases that can work with nearly every imaginable design of floral or candle arrangements.

There can be no better option if you’re looking for the perfect combination of inexpensive elegance and functionality.

WGV Quality Glass - Slant Cut Bowl

Professional packaging:

Your experience is always our priority. Glass vases are fragile products, please treat it carefully when installed.


If you receive item broken, it is not consider defective. Please contact our office immediately for replacement or refund. There is no need for returning broken vases, just simply send us a picture would do. Broken vases are not defectives on the vases; it is caused by carrier damage during transit. Please do not file it on Amazon as defective, as Amazon may confuse between shipping damage and defectiveness of the product.

thick top rim

thickened bottom

wide selection

well packaging

planter terrarium

candy dish & coffee pods holder

bath bombs and bubble bars

miniature garden & aquarium

Item Number GET0108BK HCH0910 VCY0816 VBW0912 CUD2504WT CBR8312WT
Material glass+metal frame glass+rope glass glass ceramic ceramic
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