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Premium Worm Castings - Organic Soil Builder and Fertilizer (2 LB)

Premium Worm Castings - Organic Soil Builder and Fertilizer (2 LB)

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  • ORGANIC SOIL BUILDER naturally conditions your soil or potting mix; Safe for organic gardening and farming
  • IMPROVES GERMINATION AND ROOT HEALTH: Earthworm castings contain natural growth hormones which help to stimulate germination and root development
  • PROMOTES STRENGTH AND VIGOR: Nutrients and trace minerals feed your plant throughout its life cycle
  • STRONGER PLANT DEFENSE: High in enzymes which stimulate plants’ natural defense mechanisms
  • TEEMING WITH BENEFICIAL MICROBES: Beneficial microorganisms help make nutrients more readily available to your plants

Dr. Verm's Premium Worm Castings are carefully crafted, taking special care with respect to:Our Worms' Organic Diet - Our worms are fed a tightly controlled vegan diet that is 100% organic, non-GMO and manure free.This ensures that they produce the highest quality castings which are free from harmful compounds and pathogens.Their Climate-controlled Habitat - Our worms live (and work!) comfortably all year long in a climate controlled production facility. They never have to worry about predators or the weather. Therefore, they are able to do what they do best which is produce an all natural, nutrient dense, organic fertilizer that will help your plants thrive. Fine Tuned Harvesting Process - Our harvesting process ensures that the end product is the purest, highest quality, organic worm castings available on the market today. We DO NOT sell bags of castings that have sand, rocks, dirt or fillers in them (like some other guys). We only sell pure worm castings. Therefore ... You receive a high quality product that will immediately improve plant performance! Dr. Verm's Premium Worm Castings are:100% Chemical and Additive Free - Tight diet control ensures a chemical free product!Loaded With 60+ Micro-Nutrients and Trace Minerals - Brimming with plant soluble minerals and nutrients to feed your plants FAST!Odor Free - Light aroma of fresh, wet earth.High In Beneficial Microbes - Castings are rich with beneficial bacteria, fungi and beneficial nematodes.pH Neutral - Castings are naturally pH neutral.

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