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Organic Liquid Humic Acid with Fulvic - Concentrate Fertilizer for Enhanced Nutr

Organic Liquid Humic Acid with Fulvic - Concentrate Fertilizer for Enhanced Nutr

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  • Versatile Humic Acid Concentrate: This organic liquid humic acid, derived from premium Leonardite, enables maximum nutrient absorption by directly reaching the roots, stabilizing soil pH and enhancing water retention.
  • Organic Super Fertilizer: Enhance plant immunity, metabolism, and root development while facilitating the accumulation of chlorophyll, sugar, amino acids, leading to a more efficient use of nitrogen and potentially reducing fertilizer rates.
  • Compatible with All Fertilizers: This top-tier humic and fulvic acid mix synergizes with all fertilizers except low pH or high liquid calcium ones, making it an ideal companion for gardens, houseplants, lawns, trees, greenhouses, crops, and pastures.
  • Easy Application, Remarkable Results: Mix the concentrate in water and apply as usual to the root base. Any sprayer works, but a hose-end sprayer is best for larger areas.
  • Trustworthy and Sustainable: GS Plant Foods is committed to delivering organic, cost-efficient, and easy-to-use products that consistently yield impressive results, perfect for various plant mediums. Made in the USA

Product Description

GS Plant Foods for Everyday Use

According to the USDA National Organic Program, GS Plant Foods may be used in organic food production.

Organic Liquid Humic Acid is specially formulated for:

  • Gardens
  • Houseplants
  • Lawns
  • Trees
  • Greenhouses
  • Row crops
  • Ornamentals
  • Pastures

Humic Acid

Organic Liquid Humic Concentrate with Fulvic Acid

GS Plant Foods humic acid with fulvic acid penetrates the soil quickly, going directly to the roots for rapid absorption, and helps stabilize soil pH and increases water retention, leading to a stronger root system and improves the plant's immune system.

  • For optimal concentration; simply mix one ounce of liquid humic acid concentrate per gallon of water and apply as you normally would, directly to the root base.
  • For maximum concentration; mix two ounces of liquid humic concentrate into a gallon of water.
  • For minimum concentration; (use this rate for foliar apps) 1/2 ounce liquid humic acid concentrate.
  • Any sprayer will work, but for larger areas, the hose end sprayer is the easiest.

Works With All Fertilizers

Humic Acid with Fulvic Acid from GS Plant Foods is multi-purpose plant food to keep around the house. It works synergistically with all fertilizers or soil conditioners except those with a low pH or high liquid calcium content.

Superior Production Quality!

Earning your clients’ trust and loyalty is not an easy goal to achieve. That's why, at GS Plant Foods, we only offer you premium quality products that are created from the best production processes to make sure they rise up to your highest expectations!

The Advantages of Using GS Plant Foods:

  • Organic Fertilizer
  • No Synthetic Chemicals
  • Promotes Root Growth
  • Improves Soil Quality
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Great for use on Compacted soils, grass & lawns Plants, shrubs, roses, lawns & soil Flower blooms Soils Plants, lawns, flowers, vegetables & soil Vegetables, Trees, Lawns, Shrubs, Flowers, Seeds & Plants
Available sizes 1 Gallon 1 Gallon & 32 Oz 1 Gallon & 32 Oz 1 Gallon & 32 Oz 1 Gallon & 32 Oz 1 Gallon & 32 Oz
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