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Nami Vase

Nami Vase

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Nami: “Beautiful Waves”

We value the beauty of flow and freedom as we move forward in time. This vase was a collaborative design, created by Pampas Gal and Kuukiwares (a local 3D printing company) with the architectural inspiration of neoclassicism—characterized by harmony, clarity, and universality.

This beautiful nude-tone vase is made with biodegradable plastic, making it ultra lightweight.

This feature was designed with our small business owners in mind, who travel from market-to-market, and want to carry their dried florals with them to decorate their booth without carrying extra weight.

For those who want the additional weight, add a few decorative pebbles to your vase to give some added security.

Florals are not included. 

Dimensions: 17 cm height and 8 cm width


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