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Click & Grow Indoor Herb Garden Kit with Grow Light | Smart Garden for Home Kitc

Click & Grow Indoor Herb Garden Kit with Grow Light | Smart Garden for Home Kitc

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  • Grow Fresh Herbs and Vegetables Indoors: energy-efficient LED grow lights ensure your plants thrive no matter the weather.
  • Get Started Right Away: Just drop in the included plant pods, fill the water reservoir, and plug the self watering planter in - your herb garden starter kit is good to go.
  • Explore New Plants: Choose from over 50 pre-seeded plant pods for your herb garden like cilantro, basil, lavender, wild strawberries, thyme, and even chili peppers.
  • Grow Anything and Everything: Try the seedless plant pods and give your indoor garden kit the power to grow whatever you like. No green thumb needed!
  • Your Own Plant Nursery: Transplant your herbs and veggies once grown to your favorite wall, hanging or window planter indoor or outdoor.

Product Description

The original Smart Garden building trusted garden kits for over 10 years

Indoor plants are proven to improve health through consumption, reduce stress, improve air quality and overall happiness. Smart Gardens make it possible to grow plants 365 days a year in even the most busiest households. They take care of watering, light and nutrients, while you reap the benefits.

Why choose our indoor herb garden kits?

Super compact and portable

Grow herbs, vegetables, fruits or flowers all in one tiny space. Perfect for your kitchen counter or window sill.

Enjoy food that’s healthier, more flavorful and all natural.

Harvest food at peak flavor and nutritional value. All natural. No chemicals. 100% fresh.

Self-growing technology

It’s a fully automated indoor growing system. Whether you're cooking, relaxing, working or sleeping, the Smart Garden is busy growing your favorite plants. Water, lighting and nutrients are all taken care of.


  • Super compact and portable
  • Enjoy food that’s healthier, more flavorful and all natural
  • Self-growing technology
  • More convenient than a hydroponics growing system

Pop in our all natural plant pods. These contain all the minerals and nutrients your plants need.

The herb garden distributes water to all your plants. The water float will indicate when it’s time to refill the tank.

The garden's energy efficient lamp has a 16 hours on / 8 hours off cycle for optimal growth.

Color coordinate to fit your unique style

From your home, to your classroom or office, our smart gardens fit in perfectly anywhere. Available in white, beige, and grey, click and grow’s smart garden 3 looks great with any decor.

Easier than hydroponics

Our plant pods provide all of the nutrients necessary for plants to grow happy and healthy. No need to add plant food or fertilizer to the water. Click and Grow’s Smart Gardens are also completely silent. No noisy hydroponic motor.

Grow what you want, where you want

The smart garden three fits on your living room windowsill to grow fresh flowers. Or in your kitchen growing the freshest greens.

Know what’s in your food

Punch up your meals with the freshest herbs, vegetables, fruits, and leafy greens. All grown right in your home. Always natural. Always fresh and delicious.

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