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Tree Wish List!

Hey there! When It comes to creating a botanical garden, It's important to have trees. I love trees, I used to climb them all the time when I was little. Trees come in many shapes and forms. All trees are important, they provide fresh air, some help us in medicinal ways, others have economic importance, some are so beautiful who wouldn't want to have them in their jungle, they help with our soil & they provide homes for animals. I started collecting a few years ago, I already have some of these below, I wont stop till I have them all. Some of these trees need special environments so creating those settings is very important for the trees success. If I'm missing any trees let me know I will add them to the list. Do you have a Tree Wish List? If so what are they? Post Bellow! Maybe I can help make those Tree Dreams Come True! Stay Flora Obsessed XOXO, Happy Gardening!

Conifers 1-13

  1. Araucaria excels ( Norfolk Island Pine)-Outdoor/ Indoor

  2. Cedrus Atlantica (Atlas Cedar)- Outdoor

  3. Chamaecyparis obtusa ( Hinoki Cyperess)-Indoors

  4. Cypressus arizonica (Smooth Arizona Cypress)-Indoors

  5. Cypressus macrocarpa (Monterrey Cypress)-Indoors

  6. Cypress Sempervirens (Italian or Mediterranean) - Outdoors

  7. Cycas Revoluta - Outdoors

  8. Larix Decidua ( European Larch) - Indoors

  9. Metasequoia Glyptostroboides (Dawn Redwood, Water Larch)-Indoors

  10. Picea Omorika (Seberia Spruce)-Outdoors

  11. Pinus Nigra ( Austrian Pine, Black Pine)- Outdoors

  12. Torreya Californica (California Nutmeg)- Outdoors

  13. Tsunga Canadiensis (Canadian Hemlock, Eastern Hemlock) - Indoors

Palms 1-5

  1. Ceroxylon Andicola (Andes Palm)-Outdoors

  2. Cocos Nucifera (Coconut Palm)-Outdoors/Indoors

  3. Jubaea Chilensis (Chilean Wine Palm)-Outdoors

  4. Phoenix Dactylifera (Date Palm)-Outdoors

  5. Sabal Texana (Texas Palmetto)-Outdoors

Broadleafs 1-52

  1. Acer Palmatum (Japanese Maple)-Outdoors/Indoors

  2. Acer Rubrum (Red Maple, Swamp Maple)-Indoors

  3. Adasonia Digitata (Baobab)-Outdoors

  4. Betula Pubescens (Hairy Birch)-Indoors

  5. Cecropia Palmata (Trumpet, Snakewood)-Indoors

  6. Cecropia Peltata (Congo Pump, Wild Paw-paw)-Indoors

  7. Celtis Australis (European Hackberry)-Outdoors

  8. Cercidipyllum Japonicum (Katsura Tree)- Outdoors

  9. Cotinus Coggyria (Smoke Tree, Venetian Sumac)-Outdoors/Indoors

  10. Orataegus Oxyacantha (English Hawthorn May)-Outdoors

  11. Cyrilla Racemiflora (Titi, Swamp Cyrilla, Leatherwood)-Indoors

  12. Disanthus Cercidifolius (Redbud Hazel)-Outdoors

  13. Elaeagnus Angustifolia (Russian Olive)-Outdoors

  14. Eucalyptus Ficifolia (Red Flowering Gum)-Indoors

  15. Eucalyptus Globulus (Blue Gum)-Outdoors

  16. Fagus Sylvatica (Common Beech, European Beech)-Outdoors/Indoors

  17. Fatsia Japonica (Aralia)-Outdoors

  18. Ficus Benjamina (Weeping Fig)-Indoors

  19. Ficus Lyrata (Banjo Fig, Fiddle-Leaf Fig)-Indoors

  20. Ficus Religiosa (Peepul Tree, Bo Tree)-Indoors

  21. Ficus Sycomorus (Sycamore)-Outdoors

  22. Fraxinus Excelsior (European Ash)-Outdoors

  23. Fraxinus Ornus (Flowering Ash, Manna Ash)-Outdoors

  24. Ginkgo Biloba (Maidenhair Tree)-Outdoors

  25. Gleditsia Triacanthos (Honey Locust, Sweet Locust)-Outdoors

  26. Guaiacum Officinale (Lignum Vitae)-Outdoors/Indoors

  27. Idesia Polycarpa (Igiri Tree)-Outdoors/Indoors

  28. Ilex Aquifolium (English Holly)-Outdoor/Indoors

  29. Kigelia Pinnata (Sausage Tree)-Indoors

  30. Laurus Nobilis (Laurel, Sweet Bay)-Outdoors

  31. Metrosideros Robusta (North Island Rata)-Outdoors/Indoors

  32. Ostrya Virginiana (Hop Hornbeam)-Outdoors

  33. Phellodendron Amurense (Amur Cork Tree)-Outdoors

  34. Populus Alba (White Poplar)-Outdoors

  35. Populus Nigra Var. (Italica, Lombardy Poplar)-Outdoors

  36. Populus Tremuloides (Quaking Aspen)-Indoors

  37. Quercus Cerris (Turkey Oak)-Outdoors

  38. Quercus Frainetto (Hungarian Oak)-Outdoors/Indoors

  39. Quercus Ilex (Holm Oak, Holly Oak)-Outdoors

  40. Quercus Robur (Common Oak, English Oak)-Outdoors

  41. Quercus Virginiana (Live Oak)-Outdoors

  42. Ravenala Madagascariensis (Travelers Tree)-Indoors

  43. Rhus Typhina (Staghorn Sumac)-Outdoors/Indoors

  44. Salix Alba (White Willow)-Outdoors/Indoors

  45. Salix Babylonica (Weeping Willow)-Outdoors/Indoors

  46. Salix Nigra (Black Willow)-Outdoors/Indoors

  47. Sassafras Albidum (Sassafras)-Indoors

  48. Sophora Japonica (Pagoda Tree)-Outdoors

  49. Tamarix Pentandra (Tamarisk)-Outdoors

  50. Tilia Americana (Basswood, American Linden)-Outdoors/Indoors

  51. Tilia Cordata (Small Leaved Liden)-Indoors

  52. Ulmus Montana (Mountain Elm)-Outdoors