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This Years Restoration Goal

Updated: Feb 10, 2022

Hey there, Flora Lover! This year I want to try something new for the community. I grew up volunteering and giving to others in Mexico & Texas. It's the most humbling, satisfying, best experience everyone should try. I've been living in the hill country for 7 years now, and with all the expansion of the town and the city folk moving in, the hills are slowly turning into houses. Quickly the area is loosing its beautiful flora and fauna, depleting water sources, causing environmental damage & climate change. Take care of what nature mother nature gave us and she will be kind in return. I searched and searched my community to see if anyone is trying to do anything to preserve these beautiful hills; all I found is a group that picks up trash tourist & locals leave behind. Nothing to preserve the surroundings, I don't know about y'all, however I enjoy being surrounded by flora & fauna. I believe that future generation and current generations should enjoy the beauty, learn from them & do great efforts to preserve the natural environment we call home.