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This Years Restoration Goal

Updated: Feb 10, 2022

Hey there, Flora Lover! This year I want to try something new for the community. I grew up volunteering and giving to others in Mexico & Texas. It's the most humbling, satisfying, best experience everyone should try. I've been living in the hill country for 7 years now, and with all the expansion of the town and the city folk moving in, the hills are slowly turning into houses. Quickly the area is loosing its beautiful flora and fauna, depleting water sources, causing environmental damage & climate change. Take care of what nature mother nature gave us and she will be kind in return. I searched and searched my community to see if anyone is trying to do anything to preserve these beautiful hills; all I found is a group that picks up trash tourist & locals leave behind. Nothing to preserve the surroundings, I don't know about y'all, however I enjoy being surrounded by flora & fauna. I believe that future generation and current generations should enjoy the beauty, learn from them & do great efforts to preserve the natural environment we call home.

For every purchase of flora that Euphoria Gardens receives 30% of it will go to restoring land with native eddible flora. I don't want to just plant anything, I want medicinal and edible native flora that will benefit the surroundings and self. This will allow me to restore, preserve, enhance & bring back wildlife. In return a place for all to enjoy as a thank you for supporting the efforts and the shop. I just want a better place for you and youre future generations. Its free too, I legit want our surroundings to be better. If this goes well it will motivate me to think of new ways to help the community and surroundings, for many years to come. For example elderberry, its native, the berries are edible and yummy, make sure you cook them and that they are ripe. You can make jelly from it, pies, teas etc.. The benefits of this flora are that the berries and flowers have antioxidants and vitamins that helps your immune system. Some say it helps with prevent and ease the cold, influenza and flu. Before you try anything consult a doctor and read to make sure you can consume the plants. The best part of doing this is that it will establish the naked areas with a bountiful and beautiful natural oasis. It will be home once again for the fauna, help the ecosystems and waterways.

Help by buying the flora I have, kits & more, if you don't find what you want on the site, email me and I will contact my growers and suppliers and do my best to get the flora desired. Imagine waking up to a healthier lifestyle mentally and physically, we can do this together. I'm currently looking for land that needs help. Let me know if this could be your place. It would be amazing if this idea & effort spreads to everyone and that i can restore as much as humanly possible. Stay Flora Obsessed XOXO!

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