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Pumpkin Flower Arrangement

Updated: Jan 10, 2021

Hey there! Recently in October 2020 I had the opportunity to try something new. Pumpkin flower arrangement. Its was so fun to make and unique. One thing I struggled with was the paint, having trouble staying on the pumpkin. I used acrylic paint and it just rubbed off so easily once dried. I tried spray paint too and it would not want to stay on very well. The way I fixed that hurdle was by searching online for different methods. One way was just leaving it alone with it's natural colors. I'm not gonna give up just yet, so I found an article on pinterest. I found out that I'm not the only one with that issue and the best way to solve it is by using a sealant first and at the end. After the sealant dries (mod podge acrylic sealer) apply the color you desire, finally add a final layer of perfered sealant. I would like to try some more pumpkin arrangements so I can test out different arrangement and paints. Let me know what you think of the result? In this arrangement I used wax flower, scabiosa pods, peonies, ranunculus, one small pumpkin, spanish moss & little plastic bats. If you like me to try different arrangement let me know. I love trying new ways to create beauty. For every $1000 Euphoria Gardens earns, there will be edible and medicinal flora planted with a plant lovers name on it. I'm currently looking for land to do this, so let me know! Stay Plant Obsessed. XOXO!

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