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My Favorite Easy To Care For Indoor Plants

Updated: Jun 8, 2021

Hey there plant lover, glad you're here. Everyone is different in their way of taking care of their plants indoors. There are times, where we get lazy and that's alright. For me it varies through the years. I love plants, I have been around them since I was little. I remember I would help my mom tend her beautiful garden. There were many trials to create her beautiful garden, always evolving. I used to hate pulling the weeds out, now a days I learned to appreciate weeds. During the winter months is were I tend to get a little lazy with my plants. Its alright I found out what plants can handle my lazy days and what doesn't. Today I will go over what handles my lazy days, these are all plants I have. Though I know there's more out there that's lazy approved.

  1. Thanksgiving Cactus:

2. Elephant Bush:

3. Dracaena marginata:

4. Sansevieria trifasciata:

5. Peace Lily:

6. Zamioculcas zamiifolia

7. Staghorn Fern:

8. Dracaena Corn Plant:

9. Date Palm:

10. Ponytail Palm

11. Peperomia

12. Monstera Delisiosa

13. Monstera Adensonii

14. Devils Ivy/ Pothos

15. Aloe Vera

16. San Pedro Cactus

17. Xerographica tillandsia

My lazy care is water every 3-4 weeks or when the first 2 inches of soil is dry, for example the Xerographica needs to be watered once a month. Fertilize once a year some don't even need it, for example I have a few huge San Pedro Cactus that I never fertilized and its taller than my friend whos 6 ft tall. Rarely need to repot throughout the year, majority are slow growers except for my Monstera deliciosia. All of these do great outside too as long as its not reaching below 30 degrees Fahrenheit.

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