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Common Medicinal Flora

Updated: Jan 26, 2021

Hey There, Plant Lovers! I love learning about different alternative methods of medicinal recovery. I'm gonna talk about a few herbs that can help with certain issues. I know there's a lot more out there. These are the ones I know about. Lately I've been making my own herbal teas and so far I love it! Later on I will let you know how to make your own herbal teas. Lets go:

  1. Aloe Vera- Wound and burn healing

  2. American Ginseng- Energy, stress, immune system builder

  3. Basil-Reducing Gas

  4. Bilberry-Eye & vascular disorders

  5. Black Cohosh- Menopause, premenstrual syndrome, mild depression, arthritis

  6. Cascara Sagrada- Laxative

  7. Cat's claw (not the actual meowser)- Anti-inflammatory, antimicrobial, antioxidant, immunosupportive

  8. Catnip Tea- Diarrhea

  9. Cayenne-Eliminates chills & discomfort from colds; promotes the healing of ulcers

  10. Chamomile-Calming agent, sedative

  11. Chasteberry-Premenstrual syndrome

  12. Chondroitin-Osteoarthritis

  13. Cinnamon-Gas, diarrhea, upset stomach

  14. Cramp Bark-Menstrual cramping

  15. Cranberry-Urinary tract infection

  16. Dandelion-Water retention associated with premenstrual syndrome

  17. Dill- Gas & indigestion

  18. Dong Quai-Anemia, energy, menopause, dysmenorrhea, premenstrual syndrome

  19. Echinacea-Boost immune system

  20. Evening Primrose oil-Premenstrual syndrome

  21. Fennel-Stomach cramps & gas

  22. Feverfew-Headaches; prophylaxis for migraine

  23. Ginger- Antiemetic, anti-inflammatory, GI distress

  24. Glucosamine-Osteoarthritis & rheumatoid arthritis

  25. Goldenseal-Boost immune system

  26. Grapeseed-Antioxidant, allergies, circulation

  27. Green Tea- Anticancer, antioxidant, lowers cholesterol

  28. Hop Tea-Sleeping aid

  29. Isoflavones-Cancer prevention, decreased bone loss, lowers cholesterol, menopausal symptoms

  30. Kava- Attention deficit disorder, attention deficit hyperactivity disorder, anxiety, sedation

  31. Lomatium-Antiviral agent for the flue, immunostimulant

  32. Lungwort-Upper respiratory infection

  33. Marshmallow Root- Scratchy throat, ulcers, colitis

  34. Melatonin-Insomnia

  35. Milk Thistle-Antioxidant, liver disease

  36. Panax- Energy, stress, immune system builder

  37. Passionflower-Tranquilizer

  38. Peppermint-Upset stomach

  39. Saw Palmetto-Benign prostatic hyperplasia

  40. Siberian Ginseng-Athletic performance, stress, immune builder

  41. Skullcap- Tension headaches, irritability & anxiety associated with premenstrual syndrome, stress

  42. Slippery Elm Bark-Sore throat

  43. St. Johns Wort- Depression, improves immune system

  44. Valerian-Sedative, analgesic, nervous tension

  45. White Willow Bark-Analgesic, antipyretic & anti-inflammatory

  46. Wild Yam- Female Vitality

That's all the one's I can think off for right now. Do your research before you try this and consult your doctor first. I will write more on this later. For every $1000 Euphoria Gardens earns, there will be edible and medicinal flora planted with a plant lovers name on it. I'm currently looking for land to do this, so let me know! Stay Plant Obsessed. XOXO!


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