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My Botanical Garden

Hey there, plant lover. In the Next 10-15 Years I will create a botanical garden in the hill country that will be open to the public. This is what it will have:

Garden Themes

  1. Moon Garden

  2. Enchanted Garden

  3. Culinary Garden

  4. Carnivorous Garden

  5. Flower Garden

  6. Medicinal Garden

  7. Tropical Garden

  8. Texan Garden

  9. Cactus/Succulent Garden

  10. Fungus Garden

  11. Water Garden (fresh/salt)

  12. Japanese Garden

  13. Toxic/ Poisonous Garde

  14. Fruit Garden

  15. Hemp Garden

  16. Beer Garden (Hops)

  17. Wine Garden (Vineyard)

  18. Indoor Garden

  19. Tree Garden

  20. Goth Garden

  21. Plant Sculptures

  22. Butterfly/Bird Garden

Garden Extras

  1. Restaurants

  2. Efforts to Replenish Area

  3. Gift Shop

  4. Plant Shop

  5. Educational Classes

  6. Laboratory

  7. Events Center

  8. Greenhouses

  9. Ponds

  10. Waterfalls

  11. Children's Area

  12. Wedding Areas

  13. Dog Park

  14. Holistic Clinics

  15. Camping/Glamping Zones

  16. Exhibitions

  17. Tours

  18. River

  19. Pimped Out Irrigation Systems

  20. Trails

  21. Zip Lines

  22. Dedicated Flora

If you want me to add anything more to the botanical garden, let me know! I want it to be the best experience for y'all. For every $1000 Euphoria Gardens earns, there will be edible and medicinal flora planted with a plant lovers name on it. I'm currently looking for land to do this, so let me know! Stay Plant Obsessed. XOXO!

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