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About Me

Flora With A Purpose, Changing The Surroundings One Purchase At A Time!

Welcome to Euphoria Gardens. Thanks for choosing me for all your Flora goals! Founded in 2020 by myself, I'm a nice, helpful, understanding, loyal and hardworking woman. My goals are to open multiple botanical gardens in my region and help with replanting deforested area's, other amazing contributions to the community and the world. I have a deep love for all things green & flowering;  from their unstoppable beauty to their incredible benefits to self & the environment. 

My goal is to turn every house inside and out into in escape from reality, to live healthier lives mentally and physically, to respect, acknowledge the endless possibilities flora can create & to leave a legacy for current and future generations. We all deserve happiness and success, I will do my very best everyday to provide those needs to all my flora lovers.

Subscribe to my site. Stay Flora Obsessed! Happy gardening XOXO!

Thanks, Love

Maryana Pader

Maryana Pader.jpg
Image by Alisa Anton
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